Authorization as an importer of “Organic Agricultural Products Processed Foods” (Certification No.: JIAFE-01-0001)
Wing Ace Corporation is an Importer that is allowed to attach the organic-JAS mark on organic foods and confectionery imported to Japan. We have been certified by Japan Inspection Association of Food and Food Industry Environment - an agency of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) - since August 10, 2001. Organic agricultural products or organic agricultural processed foods without organic-JAS mark are not allowed to sell nor distribute as organic products in Japan. Under the current JAS system, only importers that are authorized by Registered Certification Organization (the agency of MAFF) are allowed to attach JAS mark to the organic products produced in the countries where MAFF has recognized the equivalency of their organic standard as well as certification system with those of JAS standard.

Organic Agricultural Products - JAS definition
Organic agricultural products are crops grown in soil without the aid of chemical synthetic fertilizers and agricultural chemicals. Additionally, the fields must be composted in accordance with JAS regulations for a period of at least 3 years before the first harvesting of perennial plants, and for at least 2 years before the sowing or planting of any other plants. Also, it is prohibited to use GMO seeds.
“Organic Agricultural Products Processed Foods” - JAS definition
Processed Foods classified as organic must be manufactured without the aid of food additives and chemically synthesized drugs so that the inherent characteristics of the raw material (the organic agricultural products) are not altered. Please note that there are food additives (except for those produced by utilizing recombinant DNA technology) that are permitted for use under limited usage conditions if they are required for use in making the products. Excluding the weights of the salt and water, the ratio of the ingredients, except the organic agricultural products and the organic agricultural product processed foods, must be 5% or less. There are some differences in the approval system of “ORGANIC” food products between Japan and other countries. Under the current JAS regulations, only crops (vegetable or plant) can be approved as organic while meat, dairy products (including milk), honey, eggs, salt and mineral water, etc. can not be classified organic in Japan even if they have received that designation in other countries.

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