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Historically, Japanese people have been importing a lot of stuff from abroad, and trying to make all these into our culture. Through our long experience of receiving and accepting varieties of things with having an interest and respect, we got to learn how to make different cultures into “Our own culture”.

When it comes to foods, there is no exception. It is said that the world is getting smaller and smaller owing to the development of information technology and distribution network. It has been a while since we started to live with the benefit of imported foods. Even so, more and more food stuff from abroad is entering into our lives.

We very much appreciate “the benefit of foods” coming from all over the world. We believe that it is our obligation that we introduce varieties of enjoyable food cultures into Japanese way of living.

Taking this opportunity, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of our partners who have been supporting our activities by providing us with “the benefit of foods” for many years. This closer relationship with all our partners will bring much delightful food life to Japanese people.

The Interchange of culture between Japan and the World through Foods and Confectionery– this is the theme of our company since our establishment. For achieving this goal, we would like to further continue to introduce the world’s selective foods and confectionery to Japanese people.

Makoto Hasebe

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